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Being in a Chavurah is a great way to connect to other congregants, whether by attending Shabbat services and Temple Sinai programs, volunteering on committees, or engaging in other social activities in and around the Denver area together. We have 15 active groups within our Temple Sinai community, and there’s room to create more! Whether you are interested in joining an existing group or forming a new group, we have options.

Some groups have taken shape over Zoom and have utilized online tools to enhance their meetings. While many groups have transitioned to in-person meetings, we look to maintain some online connections as well in order to accommodate a greater range of our members’ needs.

Looking for more information on a specific chavurah or ready to join? Please contact Shana Cohen at


Chavurot (plural of Chavurah) are small groups of congregation members, which meet regularly, usually in each other’s homes or at Temple Sinai, to create bonds of friendship. Members decide how often they meet and where. Chavurot are a way for members to create a small community of friends by socializing, learning, doing Mitzvot and celebrating Jewish life together. Chavurot may act as extended family with the sharing of lifecycle events and holidays and may create the beginnings of lifelong friendships.

A Chavurah can take the “alone feeling” out of being a member of a large congregation.  Whether you are a new member or an established member, being a part of a group can inject “new life” into your Temple Sinai experience. And it can put “this is where I belong” in every member’s heart.

A Chavurah may be based on the interests and similarities of congregants, including family orientation, age groups or geography. With information provided by prospective Chavurah members, the Chavurah congregational liaison puts groups together, helps organize each new Chavurah and is available for on-going advice and consultation if desired.

The group runs itself. A Chavurah has no chairperson, no secretary, and no administration. Successful groups choose a coordinator called a “Point Person” who ensures that member information is current and that events are being planned and attended, usually monthly or every other month. Members usually take turns planning events, and the coordinator is usually rotated annually.

Chavurot offer a way for newcomers and members of long standing to be part of an intimate group setting within the larger congregational family.  In a small group you really come to know others and become known. Chavurah members celebrate each other’s joys and comfort each other during difficult times.

It varies with each group’s desires and could include sharing holiday celebrations and life cycle events, socializing and attending synagogue functions together. Your group can enjoy Shabbat dinner together, have a Hanukkah party, do community service projects. A Chavurah can go out to dinner followed by a speaker in the host home, have a potluck supper, attend a concert, go on a hike or even spend a weekend out of town. An idea manual and starter kit is given to each Chavurah to get it started.

A good Chavurah is a work in progress. As time goes on, some groups will change their emphasis, others will expand their scope. It is the group’s decision which way the Chavurah goes.

Responsibility for activities rests with the Chavurah, as each Chavurah is self-directed.

Be committed to the group and have fun! Each member should make attending Chavurah events a priority as the success of the group is only as strong as its members! A member of the Chavurah Committee at Temple Sinai will periodically check in with your group Point Person to see if you are in need of new members, or if the Temple can provide any other guidance for your group. 

Chavurah groups will be formed for congregation members of all ages and interests. Some will involve children–others will not. We can help you form a new group and will continue to match people with Chavurot that have space available.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Shana Cohen at for more details.

Please Click Here for the Temple Sinai Chavurah Guide.

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