Introduction of (Aviation Autism Non-Profit Resource) by Jonathan Sutter, JD, MBA,BBA

During a recent volunteer teaching experience in Northeast Ohio (where I grew up) at Shaw High School, I asked one high school senior about her desired profession.  In response, she noted she wanted to run Airbnb properties on the beach.  The practical reality for her is that for her to envision having access to that career, she would have to assume air travel is accessible to her.  Northeast Ohio is over 1,000 miles from Miami Florida (or, for that matter, other cities on the beach), so she would likely need to fly to her beachfront properties. This is emblematic of why I work so hard to bring air travel to the Autism community.

In many ways, air travel is an enabler in life.  For that student, air travel would enable her to access her desired career. For others, it may allow for family reunions; necessary medical treatment and a variety of other things that require in person presence and a long air journey.

For these reasons, I built TravelingWiki, the world’s largest free (& bilingual) internet-based resource center documenting Autism resources at US-based airports.  As noted by Nancy Murray, newly retired President of The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh, “many families who have children with autism simply do not fly because of the barriers they face in airports and while traveling on planes.  Although they would love to travel and offer their children the opportunity to explore different cultures and places in the world, there is just too much stress.  However, thanks to the resources provided by TravelingWiki, families can now plan trips, enjoy airports and share the excitement of air travel with their children.”

All work is done under contract with TSA entirely for free as a service to the Special Needs community. As advocacy and learning associated with this Special Needs non-profit work, I have engaged with Jen Psaki (from the Obama and Biden White Houses), 9 current or recent US Presidential candidates, multiple US Senators, Governors, Mayors as well as 50+ media outlets, including broadcasting across the US live on Sirius XM and live across the Midwestern US on Civic Media stations

TravelingWiki is linked at via its TSA Cares Disability Program. TravelingWiki is the sole resource listed on TSA Cares’ Non Visible Disabilities Page and serves as a resource for the Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS and other non-visible disability communities. The TravelingWiki/TSA partnership was highlighted in the January 12, 2024 TSA Innovation Year In Review Press Release, where the press release noted TSA met with 187 organizations in 2023 and cited to the TravelingWiki work specifically.

—-Author Background—-

Jonathan Sutter (LinkedIn Profile at is the Founder of, the largest free online resource documenting Autism resources at US Airports.  TravelingWiki is the largest resource of its kind and provides free resources to Special Olympics athletes/families and via TSA Cares, among other organizations.  Jonathan has worked more than twenty years in aviation and the travel industry more broadly, including work at three airlines and in travel technology; in an aviation law practice; and in travel data and strategy roles. Jonathan holds JD and MBA Degrees from Duke University and a BBA Degree from the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University.  Jonathan lives with his wife and two children in Denver, Colorado.