Mental Wellness

Mental health and mental wellness are incredibly important in our
Temple Sinai Community. We want you to know that you are not alone in
your mental health journey. 
You can always reach out to family, friends, Temple Sinai clergy,
our executive leadership, or other trusted adults.

Mental Wellness Resource Guide

In the resource guide you will find a list of local and national hotlines and crisis resources, Jewish organizations, and mental health organizations. This resource guide is not an exhaustive list, rather it should serve as a jumping off point to help you begin to find supportive resources. This is an ever-changing and growing resource guide. Please let us know if there are important resources you would like to see included.

If you need help navigating any of these resources or want support figuring out where to start, please contact reach out to us at Temple Sinai, so we can support you (303) 759-1827. All conversations are confidential.

Please note that Temple Sinai is an organization that supports mental health and wellness, it is not a service provider.

Please call 911 if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency.

Mental Wellness at Temple Sinai

Mental health and wellness are incredibly important to our Temple Sinai Community. Through our mental wellness initiative, we are working to intentionally integrate mental wellness into everything we do. As we begin this journey, we are focusing on three areas: Resources, Education, and Systems. Read a little bit more about each of these areas:

  • Mental Wellness Resource Guide: Helping our community connect to and navigate resources.
  • Educational Programming: Providing programming on mental health topics to both educate and normalize the conversation around mental health in our community
  • Strengthening Systems & Services: Ensuring we are fostering an inclusive space for everyone by analyzing the systems and services we currently provide.

Temple Sinai provides support in a variety of ways including:

  • Hosting educational programs about mental health with experts in the field
  • Supporting the mental and emotional needs of our congregants and children at Temple Sinai
  • Providing resources for kids with Learning Differences (LD) in the Temple Sinai Preschool and Religious School.

All of these hope to meet the goal of connecting congregants with resources to support whatever challenges they are currently experiencing along with creating support groups for congregants who are going through challenging times.

Experiencing a Crisis? 844-493-8255

Jewish Family Service - 720-248-4701


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